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Tax, budget & trade.

From the nuance of tax law changes to the global ramifications of trade, we thrive on complexity.

When it comes to tax and trade, we view our clients’ concerns through a wide lens. Because when we consider how these matters take effect from a local, regional, and global perspective, we can create solutions not only for now, but well into the future.

From multinational institutions to midsize firms across a range of sectors and specializations, we help clients navigate matters from every possible angle. In our increasingly global marketplace, these organizations look to Mindset to simplify the complex—and we’ve built a highly specialized team dedicated to doing just that.

Our vision for this sector.

We know that tax policy affects every American family and every part of the economy, just as global commerce has effects that reverberate around the world. By their very nature, regulatory and legislative actions in these areas are felt by nearly all of our clients.

So when it comes to creating impact in this space, we focus on helping clients do more than achieve their policy aims or immediate outcomes. Instead, we built strategies with the momentum to create true long-term partnership and political capital. Because when we create true bipartisan alignment between the private sector and government, the potential is limitless.

Our Team

We are the many minds of Mindset. Together, we’re dedicated to a direct approach, deep knowledge, and, above all, excellence.

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