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Mindset manages a wide-reaching coalition in support of passage of an historic trade deal.

Mindset led an extensive and diverse group of trade associations, businesses, and advocacy groups in an effort to champion smooth ratification of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), a powerful reimagination of the 25-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Top Administration officials formalized the international agreement, but actionable momentum required complying with domestic laws passed by Congress. In conjunction with a diverse group of stakeholders—from farmers to major manufacturers and software companies—Mindset managed a coalition focused on achieving bipartisan passage of the law.

The challenge.

Despite broad and strong support from many stakeholders to update NAFTA, Congressional leaders demanded changes on behalf of some key groups, which put enactment of the agreement in question.

The approach.

Mindset helped form and mobilize a wide-reaching coalition of trade associations, businesses, and advocacy groups, and got to work. Our group created materials that explained the positive impact of the new agreement across a variety of industry sectors. Additionally, we analyzed which Members of Congress would be key votes to secure passage of the agreement and created advocacy plans for each. The Coalition collectively conducted hundreds of meetings with Hill Members and staffers, placed high profile Op-Eds in major press outlets across the nation (and in particular in those key districts), conducted a comprehensive digital media campaign, generated thousands of letters to Congress, and met weekly with top Administration officials. In addition to our direct advocacy efforts, Mindset managed the strategic, legal, and operational aspects of the group, including creating the legal entity, running the finances, contracting with vendors, coordinating outreach, and communicating with the membership.

Issue advocacy is rarely successful without building a strong coalition to support your position. Mindset has formed and managed a number of successful issue coalitions in a variety of sectors, including trade, financial services, environment, and special interests.

Brant Imperatore, Partner

The solution.

Under Mindset’s leadership, the Pass USMCA coalition’s efforts reached millions of voters, engaged hundreds of companies, produced advocacy pieces from high-profile bipartisan former public officials, and supported an effort that ultimately led to the enactment of the first comprehensive update to US trade policy with its leading trade partners in over 25 years.

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