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What We Do

You don’t get much that’s different in a place like DC. Until now.

Over the years, we’ve been known for translating Washington for Wall Street—and vice versa. And as we’ve grown, our track record has prepared us to navigate complex challenges for nonprofits, startups, investors, and some of the largest domestic and international corporations across the economy. Our approach unites a meticulous eye on policy with a strong pulse on strategy. Let's get started.

Our Approach

We advise clients on the policy landscape, craft strategic plans that reflect their business goals, and implement those plans together. Here’s how we do it.

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We ground our strategies in your business.

Above all, we commit to creating trusting relationships with clients right from the beginning. From tuning into earnings calls to diving into business strategy, we focus on our clients’ goals first. We succeed by internalizing our clients’ businesses, investments, brands, and strategies to identify the forces that affect business and market value. Simply put, we match business goals with policy realities, guided by our dedication to learning hard and working hard.

  • Strategic planning (benchmarking, best practices, stakeholder mapping)
  • Political risk audits
  • Crisis management
  • Thought leadership
  • Written research (hearing summaries, white papers, C-suite materials)
  • Regulatory comment letters, drafting legislation, research papers, and policy development
  • Commissioned, deep-dive research
  • Deal due diligence
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We influence (for real).

Navigating the inner workings of Congress and the administration is no simple matter—but it’s precisely the work we thrive on. So we’ve built an exceptionally rich network of contacts we can tap to get things done. And we go deeper than opening doors. Instead, we create long-term allies in and out of government who can help advance the needs of our clients. We don’t get paid by the word—we get paid to win.

  • Representing clients before Congress and administration/regulatory agencies
  • Issue and coalition management
  • Third-party stakeholder engagement
  • Washington brand-building
  • Testimony preparation
  • Traditional and digital media and grassroots strategy development and coordination
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We know the landscape.

We’ve seen firsthand how broad and layered our client’s concerns can be—so we set our aperture wide. From tracking hearings to watching regulatory agencies to monitoring third-party groups, we keep a careful eye on what’s going on in our clients’ ecosystem. And we’re looking beyond Washington into the wider world of industry and global trends.

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We see around corners.

We’re dedicated to anticipating the policy trends that our clients need to care about. And rather than strictly looking at immediate developments, we press outside the lines, too. The result? Solutions built for what’s to come in a month, six months, and even years from now.

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We ask the right questions.

We understand how essential a disciplined approach is to building and spending capital in DC. So we work incredibly hard to tailor our questions and understand the answers from all angles. This means an exacting thought process with thorough pressure testing. And above all, it means a relentless focus on evaluating every corner of the landscape.

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We tailor our tactics.

In DC’s complex environment, there are many possible pathways to success. That’s why we’re big believers in the right people, the right approach, and the right strategy. From there, we choose the right actions to serve your unique needs. And when the landscape changes overnight, we are quick to pivot.

Our Sectors

We focus our efforts on five vastly influential sectors.

These days, innovation comes from all corners of the national and global stage.
So we pride ourselves on wide-ranging expertise as well as deep knowledge.

Financial services & housing.

We understand financial markets. We know the players, and they know us.
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Energy, environment & infrastructure.

We know how to find common ground to move forward together.
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Insurance, retirement & healthcare.

We’re champions for clients who provide protection for families and businesses at every stage.
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Tax, budget & trade.

From the nuance of tax law changes to the global ramifications of trade, we thrive on complexity.
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Tech, media & telecom.

We support some of the fastest-growing technological change-makers in the country.
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We are so much more than who we know or what we look like. We are how we think.

What We Believe

Our Clients

We believe great minds think differently.
And we’re proud to partner with clients who agree.

From Fortune 500s to niche trade associations to leading charitable foundations,
our clients span size, stage, and sector.

Let‘s Talk

Looking for a new way to navigate DC?
That’s what we’re here for.