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Insurance, retirement & healthcare.

We’re champions for clients who provide protection for families and businesses at every stage.

We know that every American family and business needs protection to weather the unexpected—and that’s what our clients in this space provide. We also know that our clients need to be able to weather the unexpected in Washington—and we can help.

From several large life and property and casualty insurers to fast-growing healthcare firms, we partner with nationally recognized organizations and emerging alike. We understand how integral our clients are to millions of American families and businesses, and we help them navigate the policy and market changes that will affect them and the clients they serve.

Our vision for this sector.

As the nation’s demographics, workforce, and economy change, our clients are changing with it. And as the government grapples with these changes, our clients are there to help—and also face policy risks themselves.

We set ourselves apart by continually tailoring our tactics. Armed with the right team and the right strategy, we’re poised to make micro-adjustments every step of the way. And whether our clients are concerned with the evolution of the employer-based retirement and healthcare system, the intersection of federal and state regulation of insurance, or how the government supports the delivery of quality healthcare, we take an integrated, knowledge-driven approach that gets results.

No one works harder than Mindset to advance the ball for us in Washington. We love their bipartisan reach and their deep expertise in all of the issues we care about. It’s so clear that they really care about our company and our policyholders.

Dean Pappas, VP, Federal Legislative & Regulatory Affairs, Nationwide

Our Team

We are the many minds of Mindset. Together, we’re dedicated to a direct approach, deep knowledge, and, above all, excellence.

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