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Tech, media & telecom.

We support some of the fastest-growing technological change-makers in the country.

Our clients in this space are building the future—and it’s our responsibility to guide them as they navigate a legislative and regulatory landscape that grows more complex by the minute.

From startups to established cloud computing corporations and household name telecommunication companies, our clients know that the technology landscape is incredibly complex and dynamic. So we don’t take our challenge here lightly. And in response, we are continually expanding our expertise across the wide range of concerns that matter to our clients in this space.

Our vision for this sector.

We understand that in this fast-growing sector, innovation can challenge existing policy frameworks, and even established actors can experience complex new problems. We know that smart regulation can drive business instead of stifling it, and we build strategies to help our clients thrive in this environment.

Whether helping our clients anticipate emerging policy trends or working with clients who’ve been managing regulatory thickets for years, we focus first and foremost on seeing around corners. Ultimately, our clients expect us to know the landscape—both of Washington and of their individual businesses. And ultimately, because we know how to navigate complex regulatory environments, we can seamlessly connect the dots on policy risks.

This industry has a lot of complex issues. Success depends not only on strong relationships but substantive policy experience, a deep understanding of the FCC, the Administration, and working with key members of Congress. The team at Mindset has been a valuable asset for our team and helps us navigate all of the regulatory, administrative, and legislative activities that impact our employees, our business, and our shareholders.

Robert Fisher, SVP of Federal Government Relations, Verizon

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We are the many minds of Mindset. Together, we’re dedicated to a direct approach, deep knowledge, and, above all, excellence.

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