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Financial services & housing.

We understand financial markets. We know the players, and they know us.

We take seriously our charge to tackle the complex policy challenges our clients face—so they can get back to their business. From powerful advocacy efforts to key insights and strategic plans, our scope aligns with each client’s precise needs, both within the political sphere and beyond.

Simply put, we speak financial services. We are steeped in every important issue in all corners of the financial system for our clients. In fact, we’ve cultivated exceptionally rich and layered experience over decades. From housing policy to consumer finance to private equity to fintech, we’ve got you covered.

Our vision for this sector.

We know the financial services and housing sectors affect every American household and underpin our entire economy. And we see it as our mission to collaborate with our clients to navigate this highly regulated landscape to achieve real business results.

Our unique value comes down to our expertise in the government and the private sector, but more importantly, with our commitment to a nuanced approach. We take the time to understand our clients’ business, because we know that business strategy should drive political strategy. We dive into the earnings calls, annual reports, and regulatory filings that matter, and draw a straight line from business imperatives to policy risks and opportunities. Our entire Mindset team can easily and intelligently speak to our clients’ business and political interests. And by bridging the gap between business and Washington, we’re able to achieve meaningful results.

We rely heavily on Mindset as highly skilled advocates who know our business inside and out and function as trusted members of our team. As CEO of the fastest-growing credit rating agency globally, I understand that we have to be able to navigate Washington effectively to achieve our business goals. There is no one we trust more to do this than Mindset.

Jim Nadler, CEO, KBRA
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