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Energy, environment & infrastructure.

We know how to find common ground to move forward together.

Energy and environmental policy is evolving by the day. We know that perhaps more than any other policy area, this sector includes a wide spectrum of interests and political views. Our team’s diverse background, deep knowledge, and vast networks uniquely position us to bring disparate interests together. In short, we thrive on this work.

From major energy and utility powerhouses to industrials and environmental nonprofits, we offer a truly holistic perspective across all sides of these issues. In fact, we’ve come to believe our greatest strength here lies in our capacity to find common ground across what some might see as conflicting interests.

Our vision for this sector.

Many think of energy and environment as one of the most polarizing spaces of our time. We see it differently. In fact, we look at the diversity of interests and see opportunity.

Our clients’ concerns in this sector span a wide range of issues from energy development and innovation to environmental protection and conservation. Our value comes from understanding all perspectives to help our clients make progress in a charged and dynamic environment. We do this by bringing the right team—whose diversity of experience matches the diversity of views, and whose knowledge and experience allows us to look beyond party and politics to create opportunities for real success.

As the CEO of the leading sustainable steel manufacturer in the US, I understand the impact and importance of federal regulations, an ever-changing policy landscape, and engaging with members of Congress. Mindset plays a critical role in advancing our company’s priorities on a national scale.

Barbara Smith, Chairman, CEO & President, Commercial Metals Corp.

Our Team

We are the many minds of Mindset. Together, we’re dedicated to a direct approach, deep knowledge, and, above all, excellence.

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