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Sarah Alexander


My Mindset

Challenges energize us. We genuinely enjoy finding solutions to the policy problems that clients bring to Mindset.

Perceptive and resourceful in her approach to evaluating federal policy and delivering strategic insights, Sarah promotes the Mindset team’s efforts in providing powerful advisory and advocacy support for clients.

Focusing on issues related to energy, environment, infrastructure, and trade, Sarah produces targeted research and adaptive analysis to distill key federal legislation and regulations into actionable takeaways. She also assists the advocacy and coalition-building efforts of the partners relevant to client needs. Whether synthesizing House and Senate hearings or aligning with the Mindset research team on more immersive insights, Sarah’s ultimate goal is to translate the complex public policy landscape into clear, concrete steps and opportunities that drive results.

Prior to joining Mindset, Sarah interned for the public policy department of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG), as well as for the DC office of Representative Thomas Garrett (R-VA). These experiences deepened her capacity to understand not only the nuance of navigating the halls of Capitol Hill but also the key business implications of federal policy.

Sarah holds a BA in Public Policy & Leadership, with a minor in French, from the University of Virginia.

Sarah’s hidden talent: She is an accomplished ballet dancer.


  • BA, The University of Virginia
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