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Mindset Promotes Charlie Schreiber and Anna Yanker to Senior Directors, and Lois Lim and Sarah Alexander to Directors

Washington, D.C.—Mindset, a bipartisan public policy consultancy focused on research and analysis, advisory service, and advocacy, announced today the promotion of four team members. Charlie Schreiber and Anna Yanker have been promoted to Senior Directors, and Lois Lim and Sarah Alexander have been promoted to Directors.

“Charlie, Anna, Sarah and Lois are each integral members of our team, providing continued strategic counsel across a wide range of client spaces,” said Mindset Partner Langston Emerson. “At Mindset, one of our primary objectives is shaping values-driven leaders that provide meaningful insights for our clients. Promoting these four individuals allows us to continue our growth initiatives for clients, advancing our work to the next level.”

Charlie Schreiber has worked as a Director at Mindset for more than a year, focusing on the financial services, insurance, banking, capital markets, fintech, and ESG. Schreiber joined Mindset after years of work in the Financial Services Committee under Ranking Member Patrick McHenry (R-NC-10) and previously under Chairman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX-05). His experience and attention to detail ensures the consultancy can deliver the meticulous care and expertise Mindset clients demand.

As a Director, Anna Yanker has worked at Mindset for over ten years. Yanker provides a deep well of experience in the financial services and housing, as well as a vast understanding of the goals and values that Mindset upholds internally and for clients. Yanker shapes insightful directives based on risk and growth opportunities for clients. Now serving as a Senior Director, Yanker will continue her work in fostering enhanced leadership and relationship building for the Mindset team.

Lois Lim will shift from an Associate to a Director at Mindset, cultivating her expertise across client sectors, mainly financial services, and technology, with a focus on fintech, sustainable investing, and private equity. Lim worked at Mindset for over three years as a Policy Analyst and Associate. Prior to joining Mindset, Lim worked at the University of California Berkeley in foundation relations and corporate philanthropy.

Sarah Alexander will transition from an Associate to a Director. Alexander worked with the Mindset team focusing on energy, environment, and infrastructure, in addition to tax, budget and trade. Alexander began her tenure at Mindset as a Policy Analyst. As a Director, Alexander will continue to curate research and provide analysis of federal legislation and regulation for Mindset’s clients.

Each of these individuals will allow the Mindset team to grow further through tailored approaches and leadership initiatives while providing tangible value in meeting the growing demands of clients.


About Mindset

Mindset is a bipartisan public policy consultancy that blends thoughtful research and analysis, strategic advisory services, and sophisticated advocacy to address the challenges and opportunities our clients encounter in Washington. Our clients range from household names in financial services to key change-makers in energy, insurance, trade, technology, and beyond. Included in our distinguished roster are more than a dozen Fortune 500 companies, as well as large multinational corporations, and non-profits, start-ups, and investors across the country. No matter the industry and no matter the size, we always have and always will deliver meticulous care and expertise. Find us at

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