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Mindset Hosts Fireside Chat on Supply Chain Policy

The COVID-19 pandemic sparked a national conservation on the importance of our national supply chains and promoting policies that ensure their resilience.

To keep this conversation top of mind for policymakers and stakeholders, Mindset recently hosted a fireside chat with Robyn Boerstling, Vice President, Infrastructure, Innovation and Human Resources Policy at the National Association of Manufacturers, and John Ohly, Senior Director, Strategy, Advocacy, and Technology Policy at the Alliance for Automotive Innovation.

Robyn and John discussed recent legislative and regulatory activities intended to address supply chain issues, outlined what work remains, and discussed the role of each economic actor along the supply chain.

Below are highlights from the event, as well as photos.

“We need to look at manufacturing in a comprehensive way,” said Robyn Boerstling. “COVID highlighted the importance of supply chain issues, and now we have to not only look at issues like AI that can increase supply chain efficiencies, but also workforce development, child care, and economic development to ensure we have sustainable growth.”

“With regard to CHIPs funding, competition from China, and developments in AI, there is a lot that excites our members, and a lot that makes them very nervous,” said John Ohly. “It’s an interesting time to be looking at supply chain issues.”

“For those that work outside logistics, supply chains are often viewed from a macroeconomic perspective,” said Zach Ostro with Mindset. “Honing in our individual supply chains, and understanding how policies to create supply chain efficiencies and resiliency are both supplemental and complementary to policies such as transportation, healthcare, and cybersecurity will be critical.”


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